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Micheal Reape Adresse

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merci Niko, c'est super d'avoir retrouvé son adresse : je n'ai pas d'actions dans la maison, mais je vous assure que ses fleches etaient vraiment super a l'epoque, et je ne pense pas que la qualité aient baissees depuis.

Bon WE a tous et a lundi

apparement elles ont tjs aussi sublime, je crois qu'il travaille avec richard head( facteur anglais), c'est reape ki fait les flèches médiévales

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voici un set en vente (descriptions+photos) : flèches de Reape

Triple laminate with hickory backing, core of exotic purpleheart, and belly of lemonwood provides unique appearance and better performance. No shelf, mother of pearl striker plates for either left or right hand shooters. Beautifully shaped black horn nocks. Made to customerís specifications by Richard Head, a leading English bowyer from Wiltshire. Complimentary red or blue berber cloth handle with diagonal gold braid strips a half inch apart; edges trimmed with red or blue leaf leather and decorated in gold leaf. Price is $480 plus 90 shipping. May be matched with the English Influence quiver by Larry Snell ($125) and a dozen of Pope and Young type arrows by Michael Reape (on page 7 of the Krackow Catalogue) currently $130, or a set of 8 footed Victorian target arrows ($267) by Richard Head. Total set (with Reape arrows) $735 plus total shipping of $114.


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il y a 24 minutes, Michael Reape a dit :

Michael Reape - Historic Archery

Rodheimer Strasse 85

35398 Giessen




welcome ont he forum Michael, don't hesitate to share any information about your bows... 🙂

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