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un recurve de E.T. Williams Bowyer US


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Salut Phil

c'est un arc US,

voilà les commentaires du vendeur

"This is a mint condition E.T. Williams, (now Brown Recluse), T/D recurve bow. She is 60" and pulls 63@28" draw. I got this bow back in 1993 before a move to the Philippines. I was coming from compound bows and thought she would be easier to take and use. Well, not knowing much I found I was seriously overbowed. I never used it over there and have gotten back into hunting/shooting traditional bows since my return to the US. I can shoot it now, but my elbow just can't handle extended shooting at this weight. I like to stay around 50-53 lbs. which I can shoot all day at. This bow flat out screams an arrow! Even at my draw of 26" she smokes! I can only imagine what someone with a longer draw can get out of her. E.T. was one of the first to start usng carbon in his bows. This one has thousands of carbon microfibers in the laminations to strengthen it. It is built to handle brace heights under 6", less than a longbow. The tips are really heavy duty. She will give a louder thunk sound at that brace, but can be quieted enough for hunting. If you like a really quiet hunting bow, just adjust the brace to your sweet spot. She is still fast. This bow has never been in the woods, and shot very little, probably less than 150 arrows thru her. I always string and unstring my bows with a proper stringer. No name on the bow. She is backed in clear glass, black glass on the belly. Comes with a TreeBark case, fur lined, with fur lined socks for each limb. Comes with two fastflight strings. I've almost listed this several times, but while looking her over prior to listing I just couldn't do it. She's just too pretty and feels so good in hand. However I need to finance a T/D Wapiti Longbow on order, and work has been slow, so she could be yours now. I have this for sale locally, so auction could be ended at any time. PayPal only for Buy-it-Now, Money Order for regular auction. Shipping is $15.00 to US, actual shipping to Canada. "

un arc parfait pour les petites alonges

Pour les ponpons, certain ricains sont friands de ces decoration, ça ne presage pas d'un arc bruyant puisque en reglant convenablement son band, il peut etre superflu d'ajouter ces silencieux de corde....

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la marque actuel sité par le vendeur n'a pas de site web

Brown Recluse Bows

Sorry No Website

153 Parkwood Dr.

Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411

Phone: 561-798-8858

une autre photo :


il me semble que François Merlin (suisse) a un model avec une poignée "reculée"specialement concu pour les petites alonge .....

au milieu sur cette photo


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La poignée reflex, est super efficace, mais a tendence a torquer un peu, si on a pas un trés bon bras d'arc

Utilisé en cible depuis le Radian, il semble que les constructeurs en reviennent actuelement

Perso, j'ai toujours preféré, le reflex, sauf en se moment, ou pour me refaire au recurve, je cherche une deflex, c'est afaire de style de tir plus que de gout

ps : dans le texte que tu as copié collé, il semble que tu ais affaire a un arc femelle :whistling:

C'est peut etre pour çà qu'il me plait bien .....

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c'est comme pour les ponpons, sont bizares ces ricains avec leurs arcs.... :whistling:

mais 63#@28" c'est plutôt viril .. non .?

c'est clair que avec ce design de poignées les branches sont sollicité ....

Mais le nouveau model Great Plains swift semble s'en accomodé


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